Undefeated Deepak Meets the Challenge

By | May 14, 2012

On Satuday, May 12,  Deepak Aaron single-handedly beat the 20 opponents who faced off trying to  best a Master level player at home in Washington Park on the weekend of Mother’s Day. After allowing his opponents to choose color in the Tulip Festival the actual carnage began… Deepak 20, Opponents 0.  The festival event lasted three hours, from 1:00 – 4:00. Congratulations to the New York State Scholastic Champion who continually gives honor and glory for chessplayers everywhere.  Hard work and persistence pay off.  Congratulations, Deepak, and all those who challenged our magnificnet champion!!!

Deepak’s simul during the Tulip Festival was a nice turn out in spite of a slow start. He probably played over 45 games! Winning all in spite of having some solid 2000, 1900 and 1800 players was pretty good for Deepak. He wasn’t  too well as he was nursing a cole. Probably the open air and the competition cleared his cold away!!!

When we returned there was an email waiting with an invitation for Deepak to attend the US Chess School at the Marshall Chess Club in Manhattan from July 10 – 14, run by IM Greg Shahade. This year they have several GMs taking a day each – the line up is:
GM Alejando Ramirez
GM Giorgi Kacheishvili
GM Loek van Wely
GM Tamaz Gelashvili
GM Alex Stripunsky
GM Loek Van Wely is well known. I have heard of Giorgi Kacheishvili’s excellent coaching abilities based on his work with Irina Krush. Not sure of the others, but they are all active GMs in the US circuit. The cost for the camp is FREE as Deepak is being invited. However, we would have to cover for lodging, travel and food.