TRM 144 – Online Tournament

By | October 3, 2020

We are excited to begin Capital District branch TRM tournaments for the academic year 2020-2021. However, as announced earlier we will begin these tournaments ONLINE with first tournament scheduled for October 10, 2020. Please read below for further details. Board will evaluate the COVID -19 situation again in January 2021 for safety and availability of locations to hold on-board tournaments for later half of the season. We are currently working on the schedule of online tournaments for first half of the season and will update the dates on the website as soon as they are available. Game rules will be based on the rules published for online tournaments on the US Chess Federation website.

Tournament Details

Date Saturday, October 10, 2020
Platform lichess (Click on link to create free account ONLY in case you do not have an account)
Registration Register (Online registration closed)
USCF Rated Sections*

*Subject to change based on number of registrations

1. Open (Online Regular rating of 1400 and above)
2. King (Online Quick rating up to 1399)
3. Queen (Online Quick rating up to 999)
4. Rook (Online Quick rating up to 599)
Unrated Rated Sections*

*Subject to change based on number of registrations

1. Awe (Adults Welcome)
2. kNight (Up to and including Grade 12)
3. Bishop (Up to and including Grade 5)
4. Pawn (Up to and including Grade 2)
Time Control All sections except Open :  G / 20; inc 3
Open: G / 45; inc 5
Rounds All sections except Open: 4 Rounds (@11:00 am, @12:00 noon, @1:30 pm, @2:30 pm)

Open: 3 Rounds (@10:00 am, @ 12:30 pm, @2:30 pm)

We strongly encourage you to send us an email or text us @ 509-263-8897 by 8:00 am on the day of tournament in case you would like to withdraw from the tournament.

Awards:  1st and 2nd place winners in each USCF rated section will be receiving chess books whereas unrated sections will receive chess score books.

Team Awards:  There will not be any team awards this year.


If you have any questions, please contact us at . Hope, to see you all for some online chess fun!




Advanced Registration as of 10/07/2020;  6:30 pm


USCF Rated Section:

  1. Cheng, Eric; 16921202; EricCheng-131; King
  2. Gullapalli, Gautham; 16282950; gauthamg10; Rook
  3. Gullapalli, Prathik; 16282944 ; prathikg08; Rook
  4. Kandalkunta, Sheetanshu; 16234561; sheetanshuk; queen
  5. King, ALexander; 16954140; Aklr; Rook
  6. Kumar, Rishabh;  16916972; Rk100; Rook
  7. Lavallee, Ethan; 17057884; FixedTooth; Rook
  8. Lavallee, Molly; 17057890; FxedToothMom; King
  9. Leisner, Sam; 17226191; SamtheGoat1265; Rook
  10. Lomidez, Luka; 16328063;           ;Queen
  11. Maddali, Chinmayi; 16651104; ChessCM2010
  12. Maddali, Krishna; 16651084; KRISHM2010; Queen
  13. Ojha; Aaditya; 15151283; wickedmaterial; King
  14. Vadivelu, Sam; 16271573; themrchessplayer; Queen
  15. Wang, Dylan; 15787300; DWANG; King
  16. Wang, Franklin; 17183810;            ;Queen


Unrated Section:

  1. Chen, Micah; MicahChen; Bishop
  2. Chiu, Allen; AllenC; Bishop
  3. Chiu, Karen; Karenmiga; Bishop
  4. Diwan, Sharvil; SharvilDiwan; Bishop
  5. Hetman, Eliot; ekhetman; Bishop
  6. Hetman, Keith; kmhetman; AWE
  7. Hetan, Michael; mchetman; Pawn
  8. Kapale, Shreyan; Shreyankapale; Bishop
  9. Leisner, Zack; zackl165; Bishop
  10. Ojha, Anil; chessincov; AWE
  11. Padmi, Nihanth; NihanthPadmi; Bishop
  12. Sanchez, Nicole; NicoSancheese ; Bishop
  13. Vijay, VijaysundarA; Avs2008; AWE

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