Officers 2018-19 School Year

Officers Responsibilities can be found here.

  • Executive Director/CEO – Brother John McManus (Oversees and approves all other operations; Development of Tournament Directors; Safe storage of materials for tournaments; Transport materials to site for tournament;  trophies and awards ceremony at tournament; etc.)
  • President – Mary Ann Sorrentino  (Encourages development; provides info and updates; trophies and awards ceremony at tournament); Past Presidents:  Sandeep Alampalli 2014-2018, Dr. Christine Whyte 2013-2014; Dr. Sreenivas Alampalli 2011-2013
  • Vice President – Dr. Christine Zhao (Coordinates with schools on program, works with President and CEO for continuity of operations); Past Vice Presidents – Santhosh Abraham 2017-18, Dr. Laurie E. Miroff 2016-2017; Dr. Liz Gialanella 2014-2016
  • Secretary – Michael (Walter) Mockler  (In charge of Advertising / Marketing / Recruiting; Past Secretaries: Dr. Christine Zhao 2017-18, Dr. Laurie E. Miroff 2015-16,  Dr. Laurie E. Miroff/Santhosh Abraham 2014-15 and Part of 2016-17, Samantha Giknis 2011-2014
  • Treasurer – Brother John McManus  (Maintains records and inspects all finances related to Make The Right Move); Past treasurers: Dr. Mahadevan Balasubramaniam, 2016-2018, Santhosh Abraham 20156-2016, Santhosh Abraham/Joseph Whyte 2014-2015Paul Wilson 
  • Tournament Directors: Brother John Mcmanus (Senior TD), Dr. Sreenivas Alampalli (Senior TD), Sandeep Alampalli (Senior TD), and Santhosh Abraham (Local TD)
  • Internet/Web – Smita Iyengar (Chooses and trains people to maintain website); Past Web Coordinators:Ron Ladouceur and Dr. Sreenivas Alampalli
  • Publicity Director – Looking for a volunteer (Makes contacts with TV, newspaper, etc. Directs articles from school districts to timely sources (who, what, where, when and how) for general public interest.); Past Publicity Directors: George Ladouceur