TRM 131 – Giffen Elementary

By | November 5, 2018

The Right Move Tournament (TRM 131) at Giffen Elementary School on December 1, 2018

Sponsored by:  Sponsor Needed

Location Address:  274 S Pearl Street, Albany, NY 12202

Begin at 10:00 AM. Players should be seated at their table by 9:50 for announcements.

All play four games: (Those who wish to help set up can meet at 8:30 AM)  10:00, 11:30, 1:00, and 2:15; Awards following 4th round completion

Fee:  Free:  Online Registration until 6:00 PM on November 29th, 2018, and on-site before 9:15 AM to play Round 1 (STRICTLY ENFORCED).


If you register online and do not show up, or do not send us an email letting us know you can’t make the tournament (by 9:15 am the day of the tournament) you will be assessed a $5.00 fee at your next tournament. 


USCF Rated Sections: Open (above 1400), King (1000-1400), Queen (601-1000), Rook (Under 600)

Non-USCF Member (Unrated) Sections: Awe (Adults Welcome), kNight (Up to and including Grade 12), Bishop (Up to and including Grade 5), Pawn (Up to and including Grade 2)

Time Control: (G/25, d/4) for Open Section (affects quick ratings only); (G/30, d5) for all other Sections. 1/2 point byes limited to one.

Awards: Trophies to top three player(s) in each section with 12 or more players (Trophies to top two players in sections less than 12 players). Medals for all with 2.5 points or more.  (Exception: If you score 2 points and you are new to TRM tournaments, you qualify for a medal.)

Team Awards: All scholastic players from one team, pick the top four scores and add them (from all sections) to come up with a team score.  Teams scoring more than 12 points get a Team Certificate. (Only scholastic players can be part of the team. Players shall stay with the same team during the entire school year unless they change school districts. They have to choose if they want to be part of a School or a Chess Club at their first tournament.

Advance Registrations as of 11/14/2018, 10:30 PM

USCF Rated Section:

  1. Dayanga, Thilina; 16168916; Other; King, USCF rated: 1001 – 1400
  2. Femia, John; 13986060; None; King, USCF rated: 1001 – 1400
  3. Gandla, Preetham; 16844077; Other; Rook, USCF rated: Under 600
  4. Heck, Karl; 11420605; Other; Open, USCF rated: 1400 and above
  5. Maddali, Chinmayi; 16651104; LATHAMR; Rook, USCF rated: Under 600
  6. Maddali, Krishna; 16651084; LATHAMR; Rook, USCF rated: Under 600
  7. Waduthanthree, Thihansa; 16126955; EGCC; Queen, USCF rated: 601 – 1000
  8. Yerram, Rohan; 16626164; GUILDK; Rook, USCF rated: Under 600


USCF Unrated Section:

  1. Akuthota, Shriyans; EGCC; Bishop
  2. Alexander, Taliyah; Other; Pawn
  3. Bey, Shahseer; Other; Bishop
  4. Cheng, Eric; GUILDCS; Pawn
  5. Droz, Noah; NEWBURG; Knight
  6. Furlong, Ann; EGCC; Knight
  7. Jagarlamudi, Rithvik; LATHAMR; Bishop
  8. Jakkamsetti, Arnav; GUILDCS; Pawn
  9. Jakkamsetti, Aneesh; GUILDCS; Bishop
  10. Layman, Cooper; Other; Knight
  11. Mukkamalla, Omswarup Reddy; Other; Bishop
  12. Rosemswig, Rylen; CCC; Knight
  13. Tang, Selena; EGCC; Knight