TRM 115 at Central Park MS on April 1, 2017

By | March 26, 2017

The Right Move Tournament (TRM 115) at Central Park Middle School on April 1, 2017

Sponsored by Varela Family and Central Park MS 

Location Address: 421 Elm St, Schenectady, NY 12304 (map)

Begin at 10:00 AM. Players should be seated at their table by 9:50 AM for announcements.

All play four games: (Those who wish to help set up can meet at 8:30 AM)  10:00, 11:30, 1:00, and 2:15; Awards following 4th round completion

Fee: Preregistration (Free) on-line before March 30th and on-site before 9:30 AM to play Round 1.

USCF Rated Sections: Open (above 1400), King (1000-1400), Queen (601-1000), Rook (Under 600)

Non-USCF Member (Unrated) Sections: Awe (Adults Welcome), kNight (Grades 6-12), Bishop (Grades 3-5), Pawn (Grades K-2)

Time Control: (G/25, d/4) for Open Section (affects quick ratings only); (G/30, d5) for all other Sections. 1/2 point byes limited to one.

Awards: Trophies to top three player(s) in each section with 12 or more players (Trophies to top two players in sections less than 12 players). Medals for all with 2.5 points or more.  (Exception: If you score 2 points and you are new to TRM tournaments you qualify for a medal.)

Team Awards: All scholastic players from one team, pick the top four scores and add them (from all sections) to come up with a team score.  Teams scoring 10 or more points get a Team Trophy. (Only scholastic players can be part of the team. Players shall stay with the same team during the entire school year unless they change the school. They have to choose in the first tournament if they want to be part of a School or a Chess Club.)

Vouchers are available to Join/Renew USCF membership for scholastic players age 19 and under. Cost $9 for the year. (Cash or Checks payable to The Right Move. No Credit cards.) If you are interested in USCF membership for this tournament,  see Tournament Director on-site before 9:30 AM. 

Advance Registrations (as of March 30 2017 7:00 AM):Online Registration closed. See TD on-site before 9:30 AM to play Rd 1.

USCF (rated) Sections:

  1. Adam Aleksic Albany High School 10 King
  3. Navin Bhavani Mahesh Bethlehem 4 Rook
  4. James Bondarchuk BSI K Rook
  5. Yu Bowen Queen
  6. Allen Crucetta Central Park Middle School 8 Open
  7. Udbhav Daroori  Tesago Elementary School   4   Rook
  8. Jerry Fan Latham Ridge Elementary School 3 King
  9. John Femia King
  10. Derin Gumustop   Bethlehem Central High School   10   Open
  11. Yashna Hasija   EGCC   6   Queen
  12. Aarush Iyengar Hillside Elementary  3  King
  13. Satish Iyengar   King
  14. Kolby  Jackson   St. Joseph Mighty Pawns   3   Rook
  15. Tarun Jacob   Hillside Elementary 5   Rook
  16. Ernie Johnson Open
  17. Sheetanshu Kandlakunta Craig 5 Rook
  18. Aayushi Kejriwal   Bethlehem   3   Rook
  19. Harsha   Kota   Stonegate Chess Club   4   Rook
  20. Balaji   Mahadevan   EGCC   5   King
  21. Michael Walter Mockler Hard Knocks 17 Open
  22. arjun MOJUMDAR p.s-13 4th Rook
  23. Songita Mojumdar p.s13 4TH Rook
  24. Adam Moss PS 334, The Anderson School 1 Queen
  25. Victor Nelson EGCC Queen
  26. Rajani Nimma  Stonegate Chess Club   7   Rook
  27. Nitin Obla Shaker high X Open
  28. Shashwat Panigrahi   Howard L. Goff Middle School   7   Open
  29. Shivansh Patel Poughkeepsie 6 King
  30. Shreya   Raghu   Bethlehem   6   Rook
  31. Samarth Sahota Glenmont Elementary School 5 Queen
  32. Deon Santhosh Bethlehem 5 King
  33. Shashank Satish Craig 5 Queen
  34. Manasvin Sood Bethlehem 3 Queen
  35. Michael Stiefelmeyer  Open
  36. Sebastian   Stote   St. Joseph   4   Queen
  37. Ned  Van Loan   St. Joseph Mighty Pawns   6   Queen
  38. Eric Willis CES 4th Rook
  39. William Wu Bethlehem   6   King
  40. Alex Xue CCC Queen
  41. Sicheng Yu CCC 3rd King
  42. Anthony Zhang CCC 4 Rook
  43. Henry Zheng CCC Queen

Unrated Sections:

  1. Jaden Achan   Lincoln Elementary Community   3   Bishop
  2. Preetish Arjune Central Park Middle School 8 Knight
  3. Om Bhagat  Guilderland Elementary   1   Pawn
  4. Ram Bhagat   Farnsworth   7   Knight
  5. Vishnu Bhagat   AWE
  6. Howard Blum, AWE
  7. Harika Byraju   North Ridge Knights   3 Bishop
  8. Kireeti   Chakilam   Tesago Elementary School   6   Knight
  9. Veda   Chakilam   Tesago Elementary School   4   Bishop
  10. Vibhav Daroori   Tesago Elementary School   3   Bishop
  11. Anthony   Deonarine   Central Park Middle School   8   Knight
  12. Shemar Delphin Central Park Middle School 8 Knight
  13. Max Ferran Rosendale Elemetary School 4 Bishop
  14. Ann Furlong  Latham Christian academy   4   Bishop
  15. Gautham Gullapalli   Stonegate Chess Club   1   Pawn
  16. Prathik Gullapalli   Stonegate Chess Club   3   Bishop
  17. Luke Hanley Latham Ridge Elementary 4 Bishop
  18. Kripa Hongalgi   Bethlehem   4   Bishop
  19. Prisha   Hasija   EGCC   KG   Pawn
  20. Rohit Hasija EGCC AWE
  21. Sahasra Hongalgi   Bethlehem   1   Pawn
  22. Abraham Jacob   Stonegate Chess Club   1   Pawn
  23. Alexander Jacob   Stonegate Chess Club   3   Bishop
  24. Prithvi Kannan Malta Montessori KinderGarten Pawn
  25. Shreyan Kapale GES 1 Pawn
  26. Kevin Kerr AWE
  27. Satya Kilaru         AWE
  28. Tejas Kilaru  North Ridge Knights   4   Knight
  29. Bhavesh Kumar Shen high school west 9th Knight
  30. Srinivas Kumaraswamy AWE
  31. Nitya Lnu Chango Elementary school 3rd Bishop
  32. Jalin Martinez   Central Park Middle School   6   Knight
  33. Ryan Martinkat  Boght Hills Elementary   6   Knight
  34. Bill   Matters   EGCC  AWE
  35. Nasiraldin Mumin Central Park Middle School 8 Knight
  36. Muthu Sanjai Muthukumarswami Westmere Elementary Kindergarten Pawn
  37. Nicholas Nystoriak   Boght Hills   5   Bishop
  38. John (Yoon) Park Latham Ridge School 4 Bishop
  39. Rijul shah   Glencliff Elementary School   3rd   Bishop
  40. Jiro Peñafiel-Sato Hamilton Heights School 2nd Pawn
  41. Adithya Ramachandran   Stonegate Chess Club   5   Bishop
  42. Chaitanya Ramachandran   Stonegate Chess Club   10   Knight
  43. Aaliyah   Sears   Central Park Middle School   6   Knight
  44. Selena Tang   Blue creek elementary school   4   Bishop
  45. Ojus Singh   Tesago Elementary School   8   Knight
  46. Joseph Santiago Central Park Middle School 7 Knight
  47. Levi Seenanan Central Park Middle School 8 Knight
  48. Ajay Singh Central Park Middle School 6 Knight
  49. Serikbay Tilemissov AWE
  50. Aarya Tyagi  Knight
  51. Shyaam Vaasan   Bethlehem   2   Pawn
  52. Thihansa Waduthanthree Dorothy Nolan Elementary School 2 Pawn
  53. Haoxian Dylan Wang Boght Hill 6 Knight
  54. Evan Whelchel Skano First Pawn
  55. Ken Zheng CCC AWE