Leading School Districts to Chess Participation

By | July 1, 2011

After seven very successful years of chess tournaments in the Capital District, Make The Right Move is again reaching out to have more players benefit from the many joys of chess.  This year we’re hoping to reach more  players of all ages, from grades K through grade 12, (as well as adults,) to challenge our skill development and brainpower at chess  with more localized leadership in the school districts. With this in mind we are seeking your “yes” to serve as the capable adult Vice President for one of the 20 school districts.  Job description: Get students on all levels the opportunity to learn and compete at chess and travel to free competition. Aided by a couple of student motivators (Captain / Lieutenant) this plan seeks to  serve each school district by giving timely information and accessability for students to achieve the recognition deserved for chess excellence.   Remember, Chess makes you smart!

As you can see from all the empty slots on our School District VPs and Captains list, we sure could use your help! For more information or to sign up, please email Brother John. 212 729-7060 (cell) 518 242-4731 ext 341 (voicemail.)