Make Your Vote Count: “Awards” on Oct. 6

By | September 5, 2012

Everyone is on our board of directors and our meetings are held from 3:30 to 3:45 after awarding the trophies (3:00-3:30) .  No one is required to be present. (You may not proxy your vote.)

At last year’s meeting the proposal, “Medals will be given for 2.5 points in place of 2 points.” was discussed, voted on, and passed by a large margin.  This year an amendment or new proposal ” The best newcomers at the MTRM tournaments will keep the medal requirement at 2.0 points.”  Newcomers will be defined as players who have attended three tournaments or less.  Such medals would be awarded only after the discussion and contingent upon the vote passes on Oct. 6 at Albany Academy, the first tournament of the year.

A Second and distinct proposal to encourage new chessplayers states: “Starting this year in MTRM, the 3 best newcomers to a section will be rewarded with a trophy after the fifth tournament of the year and again after the final results are tallied at year end!!!”  This would mean on Jan. 12 possibly 21 newcomers would be recognized for their achievement, then again another 21 newcomers (only) on June 2. Note, using this definition a newcomer would be less than three tournaments at the start of the particular term.  A committee would determine eligibility and such list would be kept visibly on the website.

Comment: This  is intended to reward individuals moving up and also help players encourage complete newcomers to join. Get involved. Bring a friend.  Teach someone chess!