1. As soon as the game ends raise your hand so that the result is recorded correctly.
    1. Reset the pieces and leave the playing area.  Even “quiet talk”, whisper, blitz, etc. is disturbing and not allowed.
  2. The time of the start of each round will be clearly posted. About 10 minutes prior to the start of each round the pairing chart showing your table number, color and opponent will be posted.
  3. Start clocks promptly when round begins.  Clocks with incorrect settings may be corrected by the TD. Follow directions of TD when unsure. After 30/45 minutes, if your opponent is late you may claim a win on time.  If neither player has a clock you may borrow one, or you may start without a clock.  If you borrow a clock after play has begun elapsed time will be split evenly.
  4. In case of a problem/dispute, stop clock and raise hand or get a TD.
  5. Touch Move Rule: You must move a piece if you touch it and can move it legally.
    1. If castling, it is proper to touch the King first, but there is no penalty for touching the Rook first.
    2. When capturing, promoting or castling, a player may use two hands.
  6. All scoresheets should be visible at all times.
  7. Players may not use cellphones or other electronic devices while playing without permission of a Director. Devices used to play music, which cannot operate software, are permissible if the opponent does not object.
    1. Players may not use or possess cellphones or other electronic devices while playing, in a bathroom, or outside the playing area. Players whose games have finished are also not allowed to use or possess cellphones or other electronic devices in a bathroom.
    2. Cellphones in the tournament room must be stored out of sight in a pocket, bag or case and must be turned off. No vibrate, silent or beep mode.
    3. Players may leave cellphones with the Director before using the bathroom.
    4. Players who wishes to make a call during play should see the Director and request permission to call.
    5. A player who anticipates possibly receiving an emergency call should notify a Director in advance, and will usually be provided with an alternate number for the caller.
    6. Players must submit to a search for electronic devices if requested by a Director. Refusal to cooperate with a search request warrants forfeiture of game and ejection from the tournament.