Chess Tour 2015-6

The following free scholastic chess tournaments will be held in the Albany area this coming scholastic year and are open to all regardless of age or skill level.  The sections shown here provide excitement and challenge as you play only those in your section.

  • Open, USCF rated: G/25;d3 Games are quick rated only. Current USCF players only, more time.
  • King, USCF rated: 1001 – 1800 and unrated strong players who join / are current USCF members. G/30;d5
  • Queen, USCF rated: 601 – 1000 and unrated medium players who join / are current USCF members. G/30;d5
  • Rook, USCF rated: Under 600 and unrated beginning players who join / are current USCF members. G/30;d5
  • Knight, Unrated Grades 6-12.
  • Bishop, Unrated Grades 3-5.
  • Pawn, Unrated Grades K-2.

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Each tournament includes a team section in which all players from every section total the points of the top 4 players from their school to achieve a team score. Adults  include their score to make the team total. Trophies are awarded to the top ten schools at every tournament.

To determine the Tour Winners point totals are kept for all ten tournaments, posted on this website,  and eventual School and Individual titles are determined and awarded at the End-of-Year Chess Picnic. Each date given below will be made up of 8 individual section championships with trophies to the top three in each section and medals for all who earn 2.5 or more points. Each section consists of 4 games. Games will be played at 10:00, 11:30, 12:55 and 2:10.  Awards at 3:30.