Mission Statement – Purpose – Scheduling



To Advance Life Skills Training in Youth Through Chess Mastery  with Parental and Educational Involvement


Make the Right Move promotes serious and continuous growth of youth using Chess as an educational tool

through a series of free monthly competitions, for various skill levels, at multiple sites throughout the Greater Capital District.

Chess mastery is achieved using best methods of study and participation and the engagement of praents and educators.

Groups and individuals are recognized for their achievement on a monthly and yearly basis.

Current standing and statistics, as well as information to apply for tournaments,  can be found at www.maketherightmove.org

Rules draft

1 Chess Tournaments

A.   There will be a series of about 10 free monthly chess tournaments for scholastic players from October through June, usually occurring on the first Saturday of the month. Four games at game/30, with games scheduled for 10:00, 11:30, 1:00 and 2:15. Awards  following 4th round.

B.   Trophies will be awarded  to the top three finishers in each section. Tie-break rules of Swiss Sys will determine how to break ties.

C.    Medals will be awarded to all those with 2.5 points. New players (first, second or third TRM toutnament) can earn a medal with two points.

D.   Top teams will receive a certificate. Teams are composed of four or more players. The top four players’ scores  from all sections are combined to compose the team score. In case of a tie the fifth best score is compared, then the sixth…

2. TRM Leadership

A.    From 2004-2010 all work and funding for The Right Move in the Albany area was provided by Brother John MqcManus.  In May 2010 Fred Goldhirsch died, and  the major source of revenue ended.

B.  Beginning in 2011 a team consisting of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer , along with Public Relations and Internet Technology Coordinator (IT),committed to adding their services to ensure the future of The Right Move.  Brother John would serve as acting Chief Operating Officer (COO) and oversee all aspects of the operation on a monthly basis, hoping to provide a smooth transition for each new team.

  1. The President shall lead the monthly meetings and establish contact with sponsors to provide funding to enable the program to continue.
  2. The Vice President shall stand in for the President when necessary, and assist where possible, especially in lining up candidates for future leadership roles for The Right Move.
  3. The Secretary shall assure that accurate and complete minutes are kept and transparent to all. Minutes shall be placed on the Web after they are accepted.
  4. The Treasurer shall check that all financial transactions are correct, and reported in a timely manner.  TRM and MTRM are both reviewed by the treasurer.
  5. A Public Relations Office shall see that all reports for newspapers and TV, etc., are presented correctly and without prejudice or harm to any person or group.
  6. The IT Coordinator will maintain our website as a friendly resource for parents, youth and coaches, inviting and informing about both past and upcoming persons and events.

C.  The schedule for election of officers provides for nomination of officers (team of officers, slate) to be prepared for next year by March of this scholastic year. Voting would take place in May and the new term of office begins on June 1 (to be ready to serve the first tournament in October.)

D. The yearly schedule of event calls for the calendar for next year to be tentatively ready by May.  Contact Brother John, brjohnmcmanus@yahoo.com or  212 729-7060 to have a place on next year’s schedule.

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